Avira Antivirus

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Avira Antivirus

Avira AntivirusReliable Antivirus that Doesn’t Slow Down Your PC

Product of the year. 500 millions of downloads and counting. People seem to really love Avira. Certamente, the app is free and this partially answers, why. Bene, partially. Because it’s the quality of antivirus protection, not the price that matters. And protection is superb by any standard.

Avira Antivirus is one of those apps you install and forget about them. Non perché sono inutili, ma perché mantengono in silenzio facendo il loro lavoro. L'antivirus esegue la scansione del sistema contro i vermi, malware, viruses, Trojans and backdoors, promptly eliminates everything it finds and locks the system to prevent further injection of malicious software. Featured real-time protection makes sure no suspicious files will find their way to your computer and precious information.

Light yet capable

Being one of rare antivirus solutions with 100% detection rate, Avira Antivirus is lightweight and not too hungry for resources. Naturally, it works flawlessly even on moderate configurations. Both the scanner and the real-time protection work transparently and do not slow down operation of your computer.

Protection Cloud. Sounds cool, protects even better.

The most spectacular and interesting option in Avira Antivirus is its real-time protection. The technology called Protection Cloud allows the tool detect zero-day threats almost immediately.

Whenever a suspicious file comes to your computer with installed Avira (or to a computer of any of 500+ millions of users), it analyzes the file using powerful heuristic algorithms and creates a specific chunk of data, a digital fingerprint if you will. This fingerprint is then sent to the Avira servers for analysis and identification.

As soon as the threat is confirmed, all other Avira Antivirus users in the cloud receive the update in real time and are now fully protected even though they may have not faced this threat yet or even haven’t heard about it. fresco.

Kick back and surf the Web safely again

For safe web-browsing Avira Antivirus offers Web Protection, Mail Protection and Social Networks Protection modules. They are available in the paid version only, but the gain well worth a few spare bucks. The Pro version blocks malware websites, unreliable resources and suspicious files and attachments. And if you happened to become a victim of phishing websites in the past, you’ll definitely appreciate pro-active protection from those too.

Avira Antivirus Pro protects not only your individual computer but the entire network. It scans ports and looks for suspicious activity on them, blocking malware and Trojans long before they do any harm. Più, there’s built-in protection for financial and banking information you enter online.

Hands-free protection

Probably the best part in Avira Antivirus is – it requires minimum of your attention. It quickly installs, does not need complex setup or arrangements. It works silently and reliably in the background. No control from you is required. No ads, no popup warnings (unless you want them), no visible system slow downs.

Worth trying at least the free version.

It is very unlikely that you still haven’t heard of Avira Antivirus up to now. Così, hear what we say: this is by far the most reliable, safe and user friendly tool in the niche.

Informazioni aggiuntive

  • Requisiti di sistema: Microsoft Windows OS
  • Limitazioni di prova: Free Antivirus Version


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