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Keyboard Tracker-Tool

Keyboard TracerThis Keyboard Tracer Will Redefine Your PC Security

If you are like me and 90% of other computer users, you are probably not the only person who has access to your PC. Other family members if it’s a home computer, colleagues if it’s in the office, and virtually anyone if you administer computers in some public place or office. And what if you need to know what others do when you are away?

What games your children play, what web pages they visit and who they chat with in social networks. As a parent you must know. Jetzt, take office computers. Controlling employees is an important part of productivity tracking. As a boss, you should know how your staff performs its duties.

Keyboard TracerKeyboard Tracer is software developed to give you a simple and effortless way to record every single key pressed on your computer. Every stroke is carefully stored in the secure log file only accessible by the administrator of the program. The log is structured, so it is very easy to identify suspicious records and hence prevent corporate theft, keep an eye on your kids’ behavior on the net, discover unwanted contacts and many more.

Here is why the tool is a must for literally any computer.

Als erstes, Keyboard Tracer works silently and invisibly for all users of the computer it is installed on to. Mit anderen Worten, users will not be warned by system tray icons or unknown tasks in the Task Manager that their activity is being tracked.

Zweite, mit Keyboard Tracer you can register ALL keypresses including functional keys and complex shortcuts (think of Win+Alt+Right Shift + Scroll Lock, beispielsweise). Everything typed on the keyboard is automatically recorded to the specified log file along with the name of the application in which the given keys were pressed. The log file is protected from unsolicited views since you need a separate app (comes with Keyboard Tracer) to view them.

Dritte. Aside from tracking all keyboard presses, Keyboard Tracer also takes momentary snapshots of the screen, also silently and without any warning. This provides additional food for thought and can even be evidence in forensics. The time interval between consecutive screenshots is adjustable. The contents of the clipboard is also monitored and tracked.

Zu guter Letzt – usability. Reading the above, you may think the application is a monster. Eigentlich, quite the opposite, using Keyboard Tracer is as simple as winking. Run the program, start recording and close the application window. When you are done with keyboard tracing, bring up the window with a secret keyboard shortcut (you can configure one) and stop recording. Very simple indeed.

Abschließend, we can definitely recommend Keyboard Tracer to almost anyone:

  • To parents who care of safety of their children.
  • To system administrators to know what users did before the system went down.
  • To leaders of small and mid-sized business to track work efficiency of employees.
  • To forensics experts to gather information needed for investigation.
  • To all else who wants to know, what is going on every single minute on their computers.

Download Free Keyboard Tracer Trial

Download keyboard tracker software for Windows OS and try it free of charge or go ahead and get it registered.

zusätzliche Information

  • System Anforderungen: Microsoft Windows
  • Test Einschränkungen: Records limited amount of keystrokes during limited time, shows nag screen.

Deinstallieren Anweisung

Perform the following easy steps to uninstall Keyboard Tracer

In case if you want to remove the Keyboard Tracer automatically:
  • Öffne das Schalttafel (es ist in der Regel aus dem Start verfügbar Menü)
  • Click ";Programme"; then ";Ein Programm deinstallieren"; in dem Schalttafel Einstellungen
    (this item may have name ";Programme und Eigenschaften"; abhängig von der gewählten Ansicht)
  • Select the Keyboard Tracer in the appeared ";Deinstallieren oder Ändern eines Programms"; Liste
  • Click ";Deinstallieren"; (or ";Deinstallieren / ändern";) im Menü über die Liste der installierten Programme platziert
  • Bestätigen Sie das Entfernen
  • Sie können zusätzliche Schritte ausführen müssen, um die Software zu entfernen. Das Sie werden gefragt, wenn nötig.
In case if you wish to remove the Keyboard Tracer manually:

Unter Umständen müssen Sie ein solches Verfahren für den Fall zu verwenden, wenn das System instabil arbeitet oder die automatische Methode wird nicht funktionieren.

  • Melden Sie sich auf dem Windows-System als Benutzer mit Administrator Privilegien
  • Führen Sie die Windows-Dateien Explorer (Sie können Win + E Tastenkombination verwenden für Dies)
    Navigieren Sie zu dem obersten Verzeichnis, in dem das Hauptprogramm-Dateien-Ordner war während der Installation erstellt
    (most used is ";Programmdateien"; or ";Programmdateien (x86)"; directories so you may use ; %PROGRAMMDATEIEN%
    Umgebungsvariable navigieren in das Programmverzeichnis: einfache Art in% Programfiles%
    in das Adressfeld des Files Explorer und drücken Sie Enter-Taste).
  • Select the ; the Keyboard Tracer program directory (klicken, um es den Namen einmal)
  • Delete the entire Keyboard Tracer directory from the Program Files
  • Repeat the same for other files related to the Keyboard Tracer

* - Seien Sie vorsichtig, um das System oder andere wichtige Dateien nicht löschen.


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