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Driver AgentOne Answer to All Your Driver Problems

DriverAgent® – this is the answer. To quickly finding a driver when you can’t find it anywhere else. To locating a specific version of the driver. The answer to retrieving the driver for a device the manufacturer has already abandoned support for. Whatever your problem with drivers is, DriverAgent® knows how to solve it even if you have no idea.

How so?

Automated driver install and update system

Normally you have to download drivers for every device in your system – be that video adapters, keyboards, sound devices, network controllers or all-in-one driver packs for notebooks. Normally it takes around an hour. Not that much, but still more than you want to spare. And with older machines the situation gets drastically worse. Spending days(!) in search for proper drivers and then installing them is harsh reality.

With DriverAgent you’ll never face driver-related problems again. Thanks to the built-in automatic driver search system, DriverAgent is able to quickly find appropriate drivers for your system and then install them as smoothly and safely as the most experienced system administrator would.

Database of 17 million driver update files

If you ever faced problems – games not running, system crashing, connected gadgets not synchronizing – caused by incorrect driver versions, you will definitely appreciate DriverAgent’s database. Constantly updated, it holds millions of drivers for almost any device or computer equipment ever manufactured including old and exotic ones.

The search in the database is automatic, so it’s just a matter of clicking the button and waiting for the scan to complete. The rest of the process is managed by DriverAgent. It finds the proper driver files, downloads them and installs. At any moment, you see the download and install progress for any device driver.

Driver safety

Do you backup your work? Surely, you do. You know this is important, and can save you in case of emergency. But did you know you should backup your drivers too? After all, drivers are not some magic that mystically enlivens hardware, they are simply software and data and therefore can be corrupted or even lost during power failure or other force majeure circumstances. Solution?

DriverAgent makes sure your home computer or corporate server keeps running well even after emergency. The backup of all installed drivers in the system snapshots the state of your PC, so you can easily restore from the produced .zip file.

Scheduled Driver updates for hands-free operation

When you need to administer multiple computers or manage a server operating 24/7, you also need a way to quickly and effortlessly install all required driver updates. Manual job is not an option for obvious reasons. And the answer is DriverAgent, again.

With DriverAgent you can schedule driver scans, notifications and backups. This means systems under your authority always remain up to date, stable and secure thanks to the latest device drivers installed.

Trusted by 50 millions of users worldwide

DriverAgent is powered by the top-notch eSupport technologies and is trusted by stunning fifty millions of users. The utility like this is simply a must-have. Someday, your Windows OS will incorporate this functionality too, but until this time there is no better way to manage, install and update drivers than Driver Agent. Period.

Get your own Driver Agent now!

And for those of you who are still in doubt, there is a free downloadable option to quickly scan your system and find all the drivers it needs.

Additional Information

  • System Requirements:
    * Windows XP or Newer
    * CPU: 32 Bit(x86) or 64 Bit(x64)
    * Internet Connection
    * IE6+, Firefox 3.0+, or Chrome
    * 1 MB RAM
    * Not Supported: Mac, Linux O/S
  • Trial Limitations:
    – Un-paid users can scan their PC for outdated and missing drivers. There is no limit to the number of scans that can be done.
    – Un-paid users will receive a report that shows detailed hardware information about the PC.
    – Un-paid users will receive a report that shows the newer drivers that DriverAgent offers.
    – Un-paid users will receive alerts when newer drivers are available.
    – Paid users will receive everything above AND be able to download new device drivers, backup drivers, and scheduling features.


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