Data Extraction Kit for Outlook

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Extract Outlook

Outlook Export utility

Effortless All-Purpose Data Extraction Tool for Outlook

Now, Outlook Date Extraction Kit is one-size-fits-all tool for virtually any e-mail data processing needs. With Data Extraction Kit you can archive e-mails, migrate from Outlook to another mail client, convert given messages to another formats, supply data for e-mail forensics and even restore Outloook passwords.

Migrate to another e-mail client like a pro

Whether you need to transfer data from Microsoft Outlook to another desktop e-mail client or import these data to a web mail client like Gmail, either way it’s a lot of hassle. Not only because formats are different. Also because things tend to get wrong when you do something like this. Like, you know, you planned to spend 2 hours for everything and yet you end up at 10 p.m. still sitting in front of your computer and doing the job.

So, here is what Data Extraction Kit for Outlook has to help you stay within the planned schedule. First, now you have automatic extraction of e-mails, folders, attachments from PST files and Outlook profiles. Second, all these data are instantly saved to one of the chosen formats right upon extraction. Among the supported formats are: EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, VCF (vCard), TXT, MHT, VCS (vCalendar), iCS (iCalendar) and TNEF.

Third, the tool preserves all the internal info required to recreate your e-mail conversation threads in all their exactness in the new e-mail software. It is always great to know that your data are safe no matter what. And speaking of safety…

Make sure your e-mails are safe by archiving them

If you have never archived important data in your lifetime, you probably should begin doing that. Right now. Seriously. Go and backup your data now, then get back and continue reading.

Just kidding. Of course, we all archive what’s important. The strange thing is, people rarely backup e-mails. So that’s another problem you can solve with Data Extraction Kit for Outlook. All of e-mails or some filtered ones, text only or complete backing up, manual run or scheduled archiving – the choice is yours, and the program does the rest.

Neatly, you can run archiving in Data Extraction Kit and still be able to compose e-mails, answer or work with attachments. Cool, eh?

E-mail forensic reports in a click

E-discovery reports for investigation agencies are extremely easy to build in Data Extraction Kit for Outlook. The tool can work directly with Outlook mailbox and PST files, so it can work even without internet connection (which is often the case for a legal hold).

The interested messages are easily exported to a CSV file based on user-specified criteria. With about 20 filtering parameters one can effortlessly narrow the sample down to specific e-mails even in the large volume of e-mail messages and/or accounts.

Convert e-mail box formats easily

And here’s one more great option that often comes in handy. In fact, the distinction here is not conversion itself (lots of software does the same), but in extremely high customizability of this process. Powerful filters allow you to select specific senders, recipients, date and time, folder, certain keywords to match in the subject or in the body of a message and so on and so further.

Such customization allows you to effortlessly transfer only the data you need right here and right now. Not the entire PST file, which can be easily 20Tb or more.

Download Data Extraction Kit for Outlook

Overall, Data Extraction Kit is an almost perfect piece of software. We are saying “almost” because this great tool still need that damned Outlook to function. But that’s pretty much nothing compared with truly and sincerely awesome e-mail data processing functionality you receive for the price. Which is low, by the way, and that’s the final argument to seal the deal.

Additional Information

  • System Requirements: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Outlook
  • Trial Limitations: Export limited amount of Outlook data.


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Good value of price and quality

Thank's to I found this superb utility. I plan to use it to recover and backup my Outlook passwords and account settings as the tool is offered this for free. However then I found a lot of other options that I want to use. Data Extractor contains all options that I may immagine: outlook data extraction, messages, contacts and appointments conversions, reporting etc. I can even create the mailing list from my current Outlook emails and use it in MailChimp.

Added 01 years 05 months 10 days 07 hours 21 minutes ago.
Updated September 10, 2016 12:20 pm

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