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Recover Deleted Files You Though Are Lost Forever on PC and Mac

Disk Drill Iconassim, you unwittingly pressed ‘Del’ and now a week (month, year) of your work is gone? Valuable photos. Unreplicable documents. It’s amazing how thin the line between existence and inexistence is, and how easy it is to cross it.

Boas notícias! You can recover your lost files with Disk Drill, the premier data recovery software for Mac now also available for Windows users. Disk Drill does more than simple undeleting. With it you can bring back to life entire partitions, recover files from USB sticks or flash drives, fix corrupted storage on digital cameras, revive lost music on your iPod and more.

Recover on any file system, Mac and Windows alike

Disk Drill supports HFS/HFS+, FAT/FAT32/exFAT, NTFS, EXT3/EXT4 file systems. Simply put, you can restore lost information on all major partitions, including Windows, MacOS and Linux ones.

What if the partition doesn’t read? No problem. Disk Drill works well with corrupted and damaged file systems, and for the most stubborn tasks there’s also the Deep Scan method that not only works on literally ANY file system, but recovers even files deleted a while ago.

The program itself works on both Mac and Windows making it a perfect choice for file recovery at home and at work.

Características principais:

  • Disk Drill recovers hard drive data of any file system such as FAT/NTFS/HFS+
  • Supports the recovery of lost files from memory cards
  • Repairs data from damaged and formatted partitions
  • Allows to undelete lost documents, photos and music files
  • Recovers deleted data from iPod (Mini, Nano, Classic)
  • Supports the backup of a failing disk to a DMG image
  • Recovers lost files even when trash bin was emptied
  • Supports the data recovery on external drives after OS X Mavericks upgrade

Click once and watch deleted files get recovered

Whether it’s one file that you need to get back, or a folder, or the whole disk partition suddenly lost – all Disk Drill requires from you is one click. Yeah, it’s THAT cool: you click the button once, kick back and watch your lost files re-appear from nowhere.

If that wasn’t cool enough, Disk Drill automatically sorts files it founds and categorizes them by type: pictures, documents, graphics, RAW camera photos, videos and so on. Now keep them or ditch them – you decide.

Disk Drill manages to restore information lost as a result of almost any incident: Recycle Bin/Trash emptied inadvertently, failed boot, accidental deletion, corrupted SD-card, non-reading partition and so on. Anyway, all it takes to recover your info is just one click.

Protect files from data loss or accidental deletion

o Recovery Vault and the Guaranteed Recovery features are a nice addition to conventional recovery capabilities of the program. We are all humans. We make mistakes. But with Disk Drill you don’t have to pay the “iron price” for your fault. Com Recovery Vault enabled, you can instantly recover any just-deleted files with proper filenames and in their appropriate locations.

o Guaranteed Recovery option keeps a shadow copy of all removed files on the same or another storage and allows bringing any of them back in one click. Certamente, it takes some extra disk space to keep this “safety bag” on, but your data are more important than a heap of free disk space, aren’t they?

Use for free. Pay only for real results

Fácil de usar, simple and extremely powerful, Disk Drill has one more exciting feature that really sets it apart from competitors. The thing is: you can try the program for free; evaluate its functions, run the recovery, see how it works etc. Purchase the full version only if you see Disk Drill really CAN recover the files you need. If a tool fails to recover, why pay for it?

Get Disk Drill Now!

So if you are having troubles with lost files right now – don’t hesitate. Download the free trial of Disk Drill on Mac or on Windows and see if it can help you right away.

informação adicional

  • requerimentos do sistema: Windows XP system, or newer (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10) or a Mac running OS 10.6.8 or later. It is fully compatible with Yosemite (10.10) and EL Capitan (10.11). If you are interested in running Disk Drill on an older …
  • Limitações do trial: Windows version is free, however Mac OS version limited on saving recovered data.


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