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Home DesignerDesign Your Home Focusing On Design

You want to design your own house. You are neither architect nor interior designer. Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 is your way to the ready-to-use design project of your dream house. Questo strumento CAD è reso il più semplice possibile per noi, non-designers to create 2D and 3D views with all necessary computations and arrangements made automatically by the program.

Naturally, when working with Home Designer 3 you don’t have to worry about wall materials, еthickness of supporting walls, inclination of roof and properly made cutouts in walls. The program deals with all construction and building nuances leaving you the most important part: design.

Draw your own house

Home DesignLike any CAD tool, Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 offers plenty of drawing instruments. però, they are focused on final result, not the drawing itself. To make this point clear, here is an example. You don’t actually draw lines on the 2D blueprint. Anziché, you pick one of standard house layouts, draw walls, add windows and doors, cover the house with roof. This literally works like this, and that’s good news, because the path from scratch to a ready-to-present project takes this way less than you would expect from yourself.

Plan your house, add elements

Making the carcass of the house is simple. Adding interior walls to allocate individual rooms is simple too. Dimensions and area of each room is calculated automatically, so you clearly see how much space each part of your house has.

Cutouts, windows, doors, skylights, chimneys, beams – these are what make a wooden or concrete box a house. And adding these elements is a matter of simple drag-n-drop in Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3. Ladders and roofs are presented in variety of types and their placing is also automated.

opportunamente, the entire plan of your house is easy to navigate thanks to the hierarchical project inspector.

Furnish the interior and exterior of the house

With extremely large library of 2D and 3D objects Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 offers, you can effortlessly put into your house light sources, furniture, wall decorations, bathroom and lavatory equipment. Libraries also offer cars, people, trees and other objects for outside.

The catalog of interior and exterior objects is conveniently categorized, so finding a specific piece of furniture or decoration is simple and straightforward. There’s also a direct search by keywords.

Another interesting feature available in Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 is the list of nearby suppliers of various materials, services and equipment you may need to make your project real. This includes shops and malls, companies and individuals with all the required and constantly updated contacts, so you could quickly place an order.

Produce a vivid presentation

Bene, designing a project of the house is a complex task even if you are armed with such a tool as Ashampoo Home Designer Pro. Yet eventually, when all details are arranged and even the tiniest nuances are settled, you can create a presentation of your house project.

Adesso, the program introduces a powerful ray-tracing mechanism with support for exterior and interior lighting, textures and materials. It can produce a realistic 3D image of your house that you can print or export.

Get your Home Designer

“Bring your building dreams to life”, says Ashampoo. We agree that Home Designer Pro 3 is positively the instrument you need for that. And we encourage you to evaluate its 10-day free full-functional trial.

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    VS 2010 Redistributables
  • Limitazioni di prova: 10-day Free Trial


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