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TurbodemoHow to Create Annotated Tutorial Videos and GIFs

While there are plenty of screen capturing tools out there, most of them are too simplistic to solve tasks many developers and tutors have. Recording what’s going on on the screen is just half of the job. The challenge starts when you need to annotate every step and action you record.

And Balesio’s Turbodemo can help you with this to say the least. The program is a “camera” that records everything from your screen and puts this into a Flash animation or a slideshow presentation with custom annotations, balloons, arrows and highlights. And then you can upload or share this new video or presentation with a click.

It goes without saying, creating tutorials, explanations, how-tos, user experiences, demos or walkthroughs is much simpler with the right tool in your hand. TurboDemo is the right tool.

‘One-click’ interface

When you shoot with a real camera, you simply press one button. You don’t navigate endless menus, you don’t answer 25 questions of the ‘designed-to-help-you-wizard’, and neither do you wait while the camera downloads the latest update. You click, it shoots. That’s it.

Turbodemo implements the same principle: you press one hotkey, and the program starts recording. You press another one, and the record stops.

Similarly, you add callouts, balloons and highlights to the final record. With minimum clicks.

Effortless capture

Turbodemo captures windows and applications regardless of the screen resolution or operating system. It captures classic, themed or tiled Windows interface. You can capture the entire screen or a part of it. Mouse or keyboard actions. With sound or silently.

And whatever capturing options you select, the goes smooth and effortless.

Multiple purposes

Turbodemo creates a lot more than screen videos. Eigentlich, thanks to a range of editing tools you can make anything from a simple “How to” video to a complex hierarchical interactive quiz.

Um ein paar zu nennen:

  • Drawing tools allow you to put various shapes like lines, arrows and rectangles to the image. This brings in capability to highlight certain areas of the video, put focus to given elements or controls, or supply feedback if you make these shapes interactive.
  • With annotation tools you can make your videos or slideshows much more explanatory by providing balloons, callouts and comment boxes of varying size, font and colors.
  • The support for hyperlinks coupled with interactive textboxes and mouse areas can turn your video to a full-featured online navigation menu.
  • The built-in e-learning controls are ideal to create quizzes and surveys. For marketing or education purposes alike.

Various output formats

As we mentioned above, mit Turbodemo it is completely possible to create slideshow presentations, AVI and Flash videos. There are other options too. Beispielsweise, if you want a time-limited tutorial, you can make a Flash or Java demo with specific time limitation. Want a stand-alone executable? TurboDemo will create one for you.

Slideshows can be exported to Word as well as to a set of images in the predefined format. Additional navigation menus and enhanced compression are here to enable more complex interaction while keeping the file size small.

Get TurboDemo

Turbodemo is an efficient and friendly creator of online movies, e-learning slideshows and quizzes, Flash clips and annotated how-tos. Fast ‘one-click’ operation along with plenty of instruments and options inside gives exactly what you need to effortlessly deliver easy-to-comprehend education and promo videos that you can quickly upload to your website..

zusätzliche Information

  • System Anforderungen: Microsoft Windows
  • Test Einschränkungen: 30-Tage-Testversion

Deinstallieren Anweisung

Perform the following easy steps to uninstall TurboDemo

In case if you want to remove the TurboDemo automatically:
  • Öffne das Schalttafel (es ist in der Regel aus dem Start verfügbar Menü)
  • Click ";Programme"; then ";Ein Programm deinstallieren"; in dem Schalttafel Einstellungen
    (this item may have name ";Programme und Eigenschaften"; abhängig von der gewählten Ansicht)
  • Select the TurboDemo in the appeared ";Deinstallieren oder Ändern eines Programms"; Liste
  • Click ";Deinstallieren"; (or ";Deinstallieren / ändern";) im Menü über die Liste der installierten Programme platziert
  • Bestätigen Sie das Entfernen
  • Sie können zusätzliche Schritte ausführen müssen, um die Software zu entfernen. Das Sie werden gefragt, wenn nötig.
In case if you wish to remove the TurboDemo manually:

Unter Umständen müssen Sie ein solches Verfahren für den Fall zu verwenden, wenn das System instabil arbeitet oder die automatische Methode wird nicht funktionieren.

  • Melden Sie sich auf dem Windows-System als Benutzer mit Administrator Privilegien
  • Führen Sie die Windows-Dateien Explorer (Sie können Win + E Tastenkombination verwenden für Dies)
    Navigieren Sie zu dem obersten Verzeichnis, in dem das Hauptprogramm-Dateien-Ordner war während der Installation erstellt
    (most used is ";Programmdateien"; or ";Programmdateien (x86)"; directories so you may use ; %PROGRAMMDATEIEN%
    Umgebungsvariable navigieren in das Programmverzeichnis: einfache Art in% Programfiles%
    in das Adressfeld des Files Explorer und drücken Sie Enter-Taste).
  • Select the ; the TurboDemo program directory (klicken, um es den Namen einmal)
  • Delete the entire TurboDemo directory from the Program Files
  • Repeat the same for other files related to the TurboDemo

* - Seien Sie vorsichtig, um das System oder andere wichtige Dateien nicht löschen.


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