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Upload huge files to serverThis Uploading SDK Keeps Amazing Even Web Experts

Today, offline storages are not nearly as important as they used to be merely seven years ago. Digital clouds easily swallow terabytes of our data and ask for more. Now, what if you are an owner of such a cloud-based website? How can you give your visitors a simple yet reliable way to upload their files to your website?

Get ready for jaw-dropping functionality of Aurigma’s Upload Suite! The one-size-fits-all solution supports PC/Mac clients as well as ASP.NET, PHP, JSP and Amazon S3 servers. It is equally comfortable for a user with images, documents and music files, while providing bulletproof reliability thanks to a number of upload protection mechanisms discussed below. Installing the suite on your server is simple and fast too.

So, what exactly do you get if you choose Aurigma’s Upload Suite as your primary upload solution? Let’s see.

Hassle-free uploads even for non-experienced users

Of course, not all who work on computers are tech savvies. And may be your users are as such. They don’t want to grasp the technical details of the uploading process. They know nothing about the framework powering your server. They simply want to pick files and have the upload job done.

Aurigma’s Upload Suite delivers exactly this type of uploading to your users. Extremely fast thanks to Java/ActiveX support and streamlined HTML5 or Flash versions of the uploader make it a nobrainer for the user to select files or folders and effortlessly upload them to your server. Conveniently, the suite displays a progress bar to inform the user of the estimated time of completion. Also, previews of images and documents are instantly available for easier management of uploaded content.

The GUI is multilingual without much of configuration required to switch between languages.

Uploading of thousands of files. Even larger ones.

What if the user wants to upload a file 20GB size? The uploader by Aurigma handles this situation without a glitch. Well, that’s sounds cool, but what does this mean exactly, you may ask? This means three things, actually:

  1. Aurigma’s Upload Suite supports extra large files (many gigabytes). Even though due to 32-bit architecture limitations, the upper limit of the majority of servers today is 2GBs.
  2. The tool quickly uploads thousands of files.
  3. Users can pause and resume uploading. Moreover, if uploading stopped due to connection issues, the user can resume uploading next time from where he or she was.

In addition to direct uploading of large files, Aurigma’s Upload Suite can split huge files onto smaller chunks and upload them to the server one by one. Then, the server glues them together. Not only does this technology simplify and speed up uploading, it also allows to bypass server limitations on the size of an uploaded file, if there are some.

Quick pre-upload processing

This unique capability of Aurigma’s Upload Suite is extremely helpful when it comes to uploading images. The solution offers a number of instruments to manipulate with images before they get uploaded. The multi-resize feature quickly generates predefined thumbnails of each uploaded images (and uploads them too, of course) or simply resizes photos down to the given dimensions and/or size. The crop feature allows the user to manually adjust the boundaries of a photo. Plus you can configure the server to automatically crop all uploaded images. Rotation lets you fix portrait/landscape orientation automatically based on EXIF data. And placing watermarks is simply a must for copyright-protected images.

True versatility

With Aurigma’s Upload Suite you can let your visitors upload virtually anything: images, files, folders or any combination of them. Users can upload Amazon S3 metadata or screenshots taken a minute ago. Thanks to powerful HTML5 web uploader, the process remains smooth and streamlined. And installing Upload Suite to your server is a 10-minute task. Would you be willing to spend ten minutes to finally get a reliable, versatile and extremely user-friendly uploading solution? If so, try Aurigma’s Upload Suite now!

Additional Information

  • System Requirements: Web Server, PHP.
  • Trial Limitations: 30 Days Trial


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