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Aid4Mail v4

Migrate, archive or analyze thousands of e-mail accounts

Aid4Mail Email ConversionAid4Mail sports itself as one and only 100% safe tool to deal with industrial amounts of e-mail messages and accounts. Backed by such fat clients as NASA, MIT, FBI, CIA and VISA, the claim practically means Aid4Mail is the answer to any e-mail data task you may have.

Easily migrate “from anywhere to anywhere” hundreds and thousands of e-mail accounts; swiftly archive terabytes of messages in the “hands-free” mode; instantly deal with e-discovery and forensic matters. Aid4Mail is equally great at home and, for business. Hell, if it’s good enough for CIA, it’s good for anyone!

Never lose a single bit of data while e-mail migration

IT Europa Excellence Awards 2016 WinnerOther migration tools often fail on complex e-mails with embedded pictures or attachments, lose information or service data, or just can’t handle massive migration processes well. Aid4Mail performs even large-scale e-mail migration just the way you expect: fast, accurately and reliably.

One e-mail account or hundreds, Aid4Mail helps you migrate with not effort. It safely transfers accounts, mailboxes, messages, headers as well as attachments, meta-data and many more. Thunderbird to Outlook, Outlook to Gmail, Gmail to Yahoo! Mail – whatever the direction of the planned migration is, only Aid4Mail gives you that state of mind, when you know for sure: Your data are safe. No matter what.

Aid4Mail supports all major email clients and message file formats.

Key features:

  • Flexible email conversion from one format to another
  • Amazing data processing accuracy and processing speed
  • Easy and user friendly GUI of the program
  • Supporting of more that 40 email formats and messaging clients
  • Universal tool for email conversion, migration and analysis.

Archive e-mails for extra safety

Fact: your e-mails, whether corporate or personal, are under constant risk. Hacker attacks, power failures, hard drive failures, human errors – massive loss of crucial, private and often unrecoverable information can happen in minutes!

Aid4Mail WorldWideAid4Mail can backup all major mailbox formats as well as accounts in e-mail services (40+ are supported). Archiving is automated, so running backup over weekend or at night is easy. Archive e-mails with Aid4Mail, and in case of a force majeure restore the intact information.

Process 40+ mailbox formats for forensics and e-discovery means

Forensics e-mail software is special. E-mail preservation, collection and analysis all take place in a legal hold. Technically, this means that the forensics e-mail software should be capable of working with any mailboxes completely offline.

With Aid4Mail you get reliable and accurate processing of e-mail data even if the mail folders and files are stored on a DVD or a USB stick. Moreover, e-mail processing is extremely fast and accurate thanks to powerful NASA and CIA approved algorithms. This essentially makes Aid4Mail an ideal forensics e-mail solution that takes care of every bit of your e-mail data and makes sure they remain intact for the entire litigation process.

Convert mailboxes. Lose zero bits in the process.

E-mail conversion doesn’t seem too difficult, yet the majority of e-mail converters fail to deliver if the scale is really massive. Occasionally corrupted messages, some lost attachments, truncated RFC header data. Not a big deal, you say? It depends. What if the lost messages were the only e-mails from your friend now gone? What if those attachments held your work for the past three years?

Aid4Mail performs conversion of all major mailbox formats quickly, reliably and accurately. So accurately that even FBI entrusts its e-mail data to this tool. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? And who said your data are less important? Among the supported formats are: DBX, PST, MSG, EML and MBOX file formats. Plus, you can export to PDF, HTML, XML and CSV files.

Get Aid4Mail

Aid4Mail is a one-stop solution to solve all your e-mail migration, backing up and e-discovery needs. Try it for free now!

Additional Information

  • System Requirements: Pentium (or compatible) CPU, 12MB HD, 64MB RAM
  • Trial Limitations: Trial converts only limited amount of messages


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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Alicia on Aid4Mail
Great application

I don't usually post reviews but I think the reviews on here aren't fair. I used Aid4Mail to move my mail from Thunderbird to Outlook. Everything transferred perfectly. Initially I had a bit of trouble using it (I'm not very techy) but Julian from their support was great. I did use it on 64-bit system and it worked fine.

by Nico on Aid4Mail
Denied to support me

I have purchased the one year license, but they have denied to support me. I send me question to their ticket system three times without getting the answer. One week they were unable to answer me, that's why I demand the refund.

Hi Nico, we're sorry you haven't had a response to your ticket. We are usually very quick to respond, are you sure you sent your email to the right address? You can reach us on:, or by going to our support portal:

We haven't been able to find you in our system, so if you could send us an email with some details about why you would like a refund, and your order number, we'd be happy to help you out.

All the best!

The Fookes Software Team

by George on Aid4Mail
Not working for 64 bit

Aid4mail is not so bad, however it is not working for 64 bit platform. Their support was unable to answer to my ticket for 3 business days so I was forced to use another software instead which works fine.

Hi George, we're pleased to tell you that as of September 2016, Aid4Mail now supports Outlook 64-bit. We're very sorry your ticket wasn't answered for 3 business days, that's really unusual. We pride ourselves in our software and support. If you ever need to contact us again, you can do so by emailing us:, or going to our support portal:

All the best!

The Fookes Software Team

  1. George said on September 5, 2016 2:58 pm:

    For sure it is good tool, but it is working only if Outlook is 32-bit. My option is Outlook 64-bit and I can’t use Aid4Mail unfortunately, However I found the solution called Outlook Import Wizard and it works perfectly for any Outlook version and edition.

Added 01 years 06 months 11 days 01 hours 54 minutes ago.
Updated August 9, 2016 5:17 pm

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